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Lai Reu Fai (flow steamer)

Loy Krathong festival in Nakhon Phanom province. Accessories to decorate the boat, it was a different form called "Lai Reu Fai" (flow steamer) especially Nakhon Phanom province because of the beauty and elegance in the northeast.

Lai Reu Fai Tradition is a tradition that Nakhon Phanom people pride. Because ancestor. Can take a long time since the ancient practice. The belief in the tradition that resulted from joint worship. To worship Buddha Tao Mahaprom. Oblation relics Chulamanee. And remembrance of the Goddess of rain. Remove fire distress And worship the Buddha.

Some flow steamer traditional, called "steamboat cruise,"or release steamer boat which appears to move around any steamboat means boat made of banana pieces. Bamboo or floating materials. Structured according to the images when the light input structure Flame will flare shape under that structure. Flow Festival steamer Popular practice in the festival. End of Buddhist Lent in the 15th day of 11 or 1 the waning moon 11 lunar months and in a belief in worship Buddha's footprint. That is stamped along the banks of the River Nam ma tannatee. Taksinabot chapter in the state of India

Appearance of the Fire Boat.
Shaped form fire boat will be made to vary according to belief, knowledge of the technicians in each group. The following form Lion, King of Nagas, Dragon, Garuda, Elephant and the Other

The decorations inside Fire Boat is adorned with flowers, joss stick, candle, the lamp, torch for light Fire Boat to leave the middle Mekong River. The Fire Boat is now prepared forms. The application of modern technology. Use of the preparation. And decorations for even more magnificent. When the Fire Boat left them to the middle of the Mekong River after lighting the flame Will be a picture of unforgettable beauty and impression forever.


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